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Guild House

As the title says, you have finally got what you wanted to get for such a long time. You, who were dreaming about your private guild area, safe from strangers and stalkers...

How is this system going to work?

The whole project is based on team-work in guild. To access this area, you need to port to Celestius (via Translink) and then accept quest from „magical mirror.“ You will find yourself in zone with quests based on collecting various resources necessary for building your guild house. There can join only guilds with active Guild Masters – only he/she is the person responsible for returning the resources to gain access for building your guild house. However any player of guild may help with gaining the resources.

How may I get to GH zone?

As I mentioned above, you just have to get to Celestius and then take q from Magical Mirror. You will be transported to GH zone with quests available for you. Remember, you need to keep the quest „Lost Aquir Empire Realm“ in your quest log as long as you wish to stay in this Realm.

Are these quests limited for by levels?

Actually, not. Quests are available for players with level less than 85 as well, so that the whole guild may help (however, higher level is recommended due to the fact that this Realm is PvP zone)

Are those quests time-limited?

Yes, they are. You may complete quests between 4-10 PM during winter, 5-11 PH during summer.

We have completed everything required for our Guild House, how do we build it?

Guild master will ask GM responsible for GH to build the house. First of all, GM will check whether you really completed all necessary elements. If everything is alright, you will be able to choose another things like location of guild house...

How will the guild house look like?

GHs are buildings no more. These guild houses are bordered area anywhere in Azeroth, which you are free to choose. Nobody (except for people from your guild) will be able to get to your Guild House, not even with permission of your GuM. Access to GH will be protected by password. You will be teleported to your guild house via Mirror after you type in your password.

Where may we build our guild house?

Your GH may be built in any location except for capital cities and places already occupied by other guilds.

Is PvP allowed in GH questing zone?

We allowed PvP in this zone to make our bloodthirsty fierce friends happier. It depends on you and your guild whether you will choose either farming resources or killing other people.

Are we going to get basic accesories of Guild House?

Yes, you are going to get following things:

  • repairer
  • teleport to OG/SW
  • personal bank
  • mailbox
  • 1 table and 4 chairs
  • basic vendor with food and drink

Can we buy additional accesories?

As long as there is list of additional accesories, yes, you will be able to buy it.



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