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iCe Online - free World of Warcraft: Cataclysm server page

Server rules


  • With your voluntary registration and playing you honorly proclaim, that you agree with all below and with that, that you will know the rules and that you will follow the rules.
  • Not knowing of rules doesn't sorry!
  • GM is highest authority in game. His decision can change only Admin.
  • Interpretation of rules is only in competence of GM and Admins.
  • All of saved datas on server are in property of operator, accordingly you haven't any rights to compensation of any item in game. GM doesn't give back any lost items or xps and even in case that they're lost by error in scripts, emulator or different.
  • Service is free and it's operator haven't got any responsibility for any damage caused by using it or it's unavailablity/functionless. Operator doesn't grant you any guarantee about function of service. Service might be, anytime without any warning, holded or aborted. Operator doesn't have any responsibility of your relevant moral or psychycal detriment on health. So if you're 12 years or less, claim agreement of parents.
  • You have to keep the law of Czech Republic and law of Slovakia and also moral laws.
  • Be decent while you communicate with GM. Offensive or ridiculing behaviour against Admin or GM will be punished same as attacking them!
  • If a GM will come to you at any reason you have to cooperation with them, anywhere and at any terms!
  • It's forbidden to profess as a GM and trying to get a Login/ Password from players. GM won't ever want this informations from you!
  • If GM isn't avaiable, use ticket which is in game (Help). Sening offensive tickets is punished.
  • GMs are choosen by Admin.
  • Publising of another server forbidden.
  • GM doesn't have any responsibility if you lose a character with your failture. If you know that your friend knows your password change it by using command: ".account password" (.account password oldpassword newpassword newpassword) if you don't it may delete your long time work. Same applies if you have some easy password on you account (like: wow, hello, etc.) If you using one IP adress, lock your account by using ".lockaccount". GM doesn't have any responsibility for characters lost this way and they won't give them back to you from store.
  • GM Team doesn't support exchange of characters between players. Owner of character is player with valid registration e-mail.
  • Addons like GuildMap are forbidden (showing anybody on map, except showing Party/Raid members).


  • Exploiting of bugs and their spreading are forbidden. Anybody who will be caught when exploiting any bugs in game economy, or in game itself will be severely punished, even in case that that bug is not defined in rules.
  • Each player has duty to announce, if they know about breaking rules.
  • Player under level 68 has forbidden entering Northrend on the penalty of 5 levels down and gathering of 500 bananas.
  • For repeated breaking rules are harder punishments.
  • Punishment are in form of so-called banana gathering, or bans.
  • Program editions (hacks) of game client and changes in files, same like using bots are forbidden. In this category is included also Multiboxing which is not tolerated on the server!
  • LFG services for looking for group only. Punished by mute.
  • In game you have to keep rules of properly behaviour. Using vulgarisms, spamming etc. is forbidden. Vulgarism are also crosscuts or changed letters. (In Czech: pi*o, etc. in Enslish: bit*h etc. It's forbidden to bother other players with your gameaction or ingame talks.
  • Changing text colour in public channels (LFG, krcma, general etc.) and usind ASCII macros are forbidden. They'll be punished by mute and if it will repeat by ban, or banana gathering.
  • Bans, eventually mutes are delivered for being offensive in public channels, normal speech (/s, /y etc.) and whispers to GM. We won't punish these thing if they'll be in private channels (guild,party,raid etc.) or whispers. If someone is offensive against you put them into ignore or try to talk about it with GuM, party/raid leader. Battleground chat is publich channel, soabusive language on this channel will be punished!
  • Name of characters and guild aren't allowed to contain vulgarisms, not event rasistic, or some other unfit hidden meaning. Also the mustn't be mindless and it's forbidden intentionly change similiar letters.
  • PWhen you're sending screen your comment is needed, eventually description/emphasize, if you'll use for sending PM forum/ICQ message if taht GM is not avaiable.We won't take care about messages containing only link on screen, if it won't be evident. Screens without combat log we don't accept - nothing is obviously from them.
  • Level limits doesn't exists. Only at Raids - 58+ let us say 60+ for Azeroth, 70+ for Outland, 80+ for Northrend. Keep watching the section about functioning of dungeons on forum attentively.
  • Prohibition of use of shrinking potions in BG.


  • Enslaving of elite mobs and mobs with more hp than twice as your is forbidden.


  • Attaking in starting loccation of DKs is forbidden.


  • Rules can be changed in any time. This fact will be annouced on forum in Server Rules
  • Player ihas a duty to track server rules, in best case before evetry login, or after a break which took longer than few hours. In rules can be important announces and local or time restrictions

translated by Wortek